Social Media Marketing

Get the story going on social media

Social media Marketing is the cornerstone of a good Marketing plan.

We have 2 styles of Social Media Management The first style of service is a brand level management service starting with the management of a minimum of three social media platform profiles. The second style of service is a platform specific standalone management service. Additional profiles can be cost effectively added to the basic service. Platforms we can look after include:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
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Managing Social Media profiles is very time consuming. When done with local resources or employees, it either gets very distracting and expensive for a business to do it themselves, or it’s difficult for an agency to put together a cost-effective service for clients, that can make a good profit. Also, taking into account the wide range of different popular social media platforms, it is a challenge for most businesses to maintain marketing expertise in all these areas, unless its your specific area of expertise.